3Ci manufactures, sources and supplies specialist lighting within the mid and high end parts of the market.

We mainly operate in the contract sector, but often assist in high end residential projects for a small number of private clients.

3Ci was founded, is owned and managed by Tom Shanks. Commencing involvement in specialist lighting in London in the '90s Tom has, over more than two decades, accumulated a broad base of knowledge, contacts and experience through involvement in hundreds of projects of varying size and type. From the Gilt Vault beneath Buckingham Palace to The Swan at Whittington.

3Ci has extensive experience in the leisure and hospitality sectors (hotel, bar and restaurant venues). Though as a specialist, knowledge based company we also have a solid track record in delivering to the demands of almost any scenario where a specialist lighting input, and more importantly outcome, is required.

See "PROJECTS" section, where you will see anything from houses of God and worship to houses of lust and debauchery. We deliver for our client, whomever they may be. The client's requirement must, and does, always come first.  

3Ci has a flexible approach and does not "shoehorn" either product (or ideas) into projects.

We listen carefully first and then act.

How 3Ci works;

3Ci delivers, following close communication with clients and / or their appointed representatives*, the appropriate level of product specification for the individual project. This takes into account performance, aesthetic, budgetary**, maintenance and delivery timescale considerations, as well as any other factor which the client deems to be of importance.

It almost goes without saying now, but 3Ci utilises the latest LED sources / technologies into all project work, whether architectural or decorative schemes within refurbishment or new build projects. See WHY LED? in Products section.


*Effective liaison with Architect, Engineer, Designer, QS, PM, Main & Sub Contractor, Electrical Wholesaler etc as required.

**We can assist with design development, budget control and value engineering of E&A (Equal and Approved) specifications as and when required. Delivering value for clients through the depth of our market knowledge and the breadth of our supplier base.